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Published at Feb 4, 2019 in News

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Clipping Mask Photoshop let you utilize the substance of a layer as a veil to uncover a segment of a layer or layers above it. The base layer, or base layer, decides the perceivability of the upper layers, as indicated by the non-straightforward piece of the base layer. Different territories are covered up, or conceal out.

This is regularly used to contain a picture inside the limit of sort. Here is a precedent where a photograph is put "inside" some sort, and the sort itself is the section cover:

Notice that the base layer (the sort "EGYPT") is underlined in the Layers board, showing it is being utilized as a section veil. Likewise see that the photograph layer in indented, and there is a little corner bolt pointing descending, showing that the photograph layer is being cut by the layer beneath.

To make a Clipping Mask Photoshop:

Organize the layers in the Layers board with the goal that the cut-out cover layer is beneath the layers that you need to veil.

Hold down Alt (windows) or Option (Mac) and drift your cursor on the separating line between the layers. At the point when the cursor changes to a square with the little corner bolt, snap to make the cut-out veil.

Then again, you can pick the layer to be cut, and pick from the menu Layer > Create Clipping Mask.

You can include more than one layer inside a section veil. Here in this precedent, I've included a Hue/Saturation modification layer to the cut-out cover, which enables me to change the shade of the layers inside the section gathering (for this situation the photograph) without transforming whatever else beneath.

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